Currently, there are more than three-quarters of a million franchise businesses in operation. It’s one of the most successful business models for all different industries. 

But that doesn’t mean creating or managing a franchise is easy. There’s so much to do to be sure all the locations are profitable and that the business continues to expand. Marketing is one of the biggest factors in all these plans. Without the right strategies, a company is going to have a hard time. 

Not just any marketing plan will do either. Digital marketing for franchises is the most impactful and should be the main focus. Read on for all the benefits you can expect with a killer franchise marketing plan. 

1. Clarify Company Goals

Narrowing a company’s focus is always a great way to hone in on goals. Too often the big picture becomes overwhelming. And it’s tempting to try every possible approach. Sticking with one main focus will help to clarify your franchise goals. 

Digital Marketing has such a wide reach that it’s possible to use it for all different aspects of a business. 

The best thing you can do when ramping up this area of your business is to come up with very specific goals. They should be measurable and realistic for where your company is at. And then be sure everyone from the team is on the same page. 

2. Regular Audits and Inspections 

Marketing is never a one-and-done type of situation. And that’s even more true when you focus on the digital side. 

It’s a practice that always needs revisiting to check in on the progress. Small adjustments can be made to broaden the reach or increase the plan’s impact. Routine audits are a familiar practice for marketing experts. 

This kind of regular inspection is helpful to keep businesses on track. Instead of getting side-tracked from the goal, it’s always a part of the conversation. Knowing what’s going on can also help influence better decision-making overall. 

3. Keep an Eye on Results

This practice of auditing your marketing also means you’ll have a constant eye on the results. Understanding how your business is performing is key to continuing to be successful. 

To track your plan, you’ll want to watch revenue values, new customer numbers, or total visitors. These numbers will indicate how well your tactics are working and if adjustments need to be made. It’s fascinating to watch in real-time the ebbs and flows of your company. 

4. Boost Website Traffic

These days, it’s very hard for any business to survive without a website. And this is especially true for a franchise business that’s trying to build a large following. 

The more people who visit the website, the greater the chance of success the business will have. This is exactly what digital marketing is focused on; increasing traffic to the site.

An effective solution will help use SEO strategies to increase search ratings. It will also help ensure the content on the website is relevant and useful. Working with a professional is a great way to make sure everything online is working. 

5. Diversify Tactics 

Focusing on digital marketing to promote your franchise can sound limiting. Like there are so many strategies and tactics your business will be missing out on. But, in reality, there are countless tactics you can use to boost your digital footprint. 

A good digital marketing strategy is one that uses all different kinds of tactics. It makes sure the company is being seen from all different angles and is reaching the right people. 

Digital marketing is always changing too. Keeping up with that means your business will always have something new to try out. Not every tactic will work but it’s good to try all kinds of options to find the ones that do!   

6. Solidify a Brand Identity 

Brand identity is one of the keys to any modern successful business. It’s the way customers recognize a company and what to expect from them. A strong brand identity creates an important kind of loyalty. 

Many of these strategies are focused on building this image. They are designed to tell the company’s story, creating a persona. This is especially important for a franchise where recognition is even more important. A strong brand identity is crucial for spreading locations to many different areas. 

An intriguing brand identity will also entice new franchise owners as well. No one wants to be a part of something with a bad reputation. So keeping your identity positive is crucial. 

7. Overall Budget Savings 

When you’re running a business, there are always things you can spend money on. A successful business finds a way to focus its spending in the most effective ways. Digital marketing is a great way to save money while still getting amazing results. 

These strategies have a wide reach, meaning you won’t have to run as many different campaigns. The business will save money without sacrificing the quality of its marketing materials. 

These cost-savings will also allow you to run a wider variety of campaigns as well. Instead of investing your whole budget in one plan, you can have several to meet all your business goals. 

8. Connect with Social Media Accounts

While a website is key for a successful business, social media accounts may be even more so. Franchise digital marketing puts an emphasis on linking these pieces of your company. The connection between these two will help draw even more people to your business. These relationships can make all the difference. 

Ideally, any visitor to your website or social media should have the same experience. It should be easy for them to see what you’re about and how you can meet their needs. 

Boosting your social media is one of the most important ways to drive traffic to your company. 

9. Stay Up-To-Date on Design Trends

Just like the world of fashion, there are trends in web design. And it’s important to keep up with them as best you can. The last thing you want is for someone visiting your website to think it’s outdated and so the company must be too. 

Solid web design should feel timeless with touches of the current style as well. This setup means you won’t have to go changing your whole site too often. Simple updates can keep you feeling fresh and modern. This includes how the site functions for the visitor. 

Digital marketing helps you know where your website is shining. And also where you can make improvements. It forces you to pay close attention to all these details. 

10. Find New Franchisees 

In order for a franchise business to be successful, there needs to be new locations opening often. That means part of your marketing should include how to find new franchisees. 

Finding these new team members will take different strategies than locating customers. But digital marketing is the best place to start for both! It’s the best way to find a large pool of people who are interested in all different areas. Such a wide reach is bound to help you find the right people. 

11. Narrow in on the Preferred Audience

Digital marketing allows you to reach a wide audience, it can also help you narrow down your field as well. 

As a business owner, you don’t want to waste your energy in places that aren’t going to benefit the company. That’s what happens when you don’t cater to your target audience. The first step of digital marketing should be identifying who you’re trying to reach and why. 

From there, your tactics can be very specific to that target group. Digital marketing makes it easy to cast a wide net and a small one where needed. 

12. Increase Revenue

At the heart of every business is the desire to increase the revenue. It’s what keeps things going and is the ultimate goal for every company. And every benefit of using digital marketing leads back to this aim. 

Not only will digital marketing help customers find your business and products. It will also increase the number of customers who make a purchase. There’s no better way to show the value your company adds and encourage a purchase. The best strategies give customers an insight into how your company will make an impact. 

The digital world is a huge part of almost everyone’s daily life. Make sure your company is there too! 

Everything You Need to Know About Digital Marketing for Franchises 

Running any kind of business is all about finding the best use of your resources. Focusing your efforts on digital marketing for franchises is a great way to reach all your goals. Whether you’re looking to boost your profits or expand your locations, these strategies can get you there. 

Working with a team of marketing professionals will improve these results even more. Their expertise is priceless when creating a customized plan for your business. 

Franchise 360 has a process that’s helped countless businesses reach their full potential. Our systems walk you through each step for fool-proof results. If you’re interested in learning more and seeing what we can do for you, contact us today!