Paid Lead Generation

Boost Your Sales Pipeline With Lead Generation Through Paid Advertising

Grow Your Lead Numbers With Google, Facebook & Instagram Ads

Ready to take your marketing to the next level and move towards
a Holistic or Multi-Channel approach?

Have the 360 Solutions paid traffic experts bring your lead generation
efforts to the next level through social ads.

Our experts help local and multi-location brands scale their lead generation
efforts by the hundreds and they can help scale yours as well.


We use advanced market analysis and campaign design to ensure that you not only can compete, but you can also beat your competitors before your prospects even click your ad.

We analyze data from existing competitors including current offers they are running, ad copy styles, creatives, and more on a regular basis with regular updates.


Every client gets a customized strategy for your business & your goals.

We know IOS-14 and responses to that have been a large roadblock when it comes to reporting and getting consistent results on social channels.  Our product development team and internal marketing department teamed up to combat this issue.

By utilizing Facebook Lead Ad Forms we are able to get accurate data and scale!


Get More Results With Our Advanced Optimization

You want a predictable stream of leads and sales that are flowing consistently.

That’s why we use our multi-step, strategic process to deliver maximum ROI.

1. Competitor Research & Campaign Design

Research & Design is the backbone of any campaign. During this process we will review past campaign data, competitor offers, ad copy, ad creative, and then design your campaign to have a winning edge. This allows your brand to stay competitive and stand out from the noise.

2. Split Testing

In our second phase of optimization, we build out multiple ad groups, creative, and ad copy to split test from the beginning. This allows us to see which elements bring in the best and usually the most cost-effective conversions.

3. Performance Optimization

After we get enough impressions, clicks, and results we then can start to cut out the worst-performing campaign elements to allow the algorithms to focus on our winners!

4. Scale

As we find more winning combinations, the testing never stops. We continue to grow your lead generation efforts through new copy variations, offer testing and creative elements.

What you get


Competitor Analysis

We’ll perform competitive analysis and pre-optimize your campaigns


Flexible Campaign Types

We’ll create the prefect strategy for your goals


Advanced Optimization Strategy

We use a multi-step strategy to deliver maximum ROI


Transparent Reporting

Know exactly what’s happening with your campaign


High-Converting Buyer Traffic

We create properly structured campaigns to bring you the right clients & customers



We fit you, not the other way around